J Alex Baecher

J Alex Baecher

PhD candidate, Research Assistant

Scheffers Lab @ University of Florida

The good bits: Native to the foothills of Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. My life consists of… my wife (Kristin), my daughter (Faye), my dog (Ollie), herping, hiking, swimming and canoeing, woodworking, and home DIY projects.

The serious bits: I am an ecologist, with training in herpetology and landscape ecology, and I have an interest in research at the interface between conservation, ecology theory, and mathematical modeling. My research is aimed at developing cutting-edge quantitative solutions to model complex data about the ecology of reptiles and amphibians. I primarily work with invasive species and species of conservation concern to determine how landscape attributes affect the dynamics and connectivity of populations, while providing management-relevant recommendations to effectively manage species.

This website serves to increase the accessibility and reproducibility of my research. As such, I take extra care to ensure my projects (i.e., data, methods, code, and publications) are transparent and easily interpreted on this website. If you do not find this to be true, please contact me via my (many) personal links below!


  • Conservation
  • Ecology Theory
  • Herpetology
  • Landscape & Spatial Ecology
  • Reproducible Research
  • Southeastern USA Natural History
  • Statistics


  • PhD, Interdisciplinary Ecology, Statistics, ~2024

    University of Florida

  • MSc, Biology, 2017

    Eastern Kentucky University

  • BSc, Biology, 2014

    University of Arkansas